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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 14, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet? on a packed promenade. >> hello, patricia, and hello everyone, i'm eric sean. here's what we know as of this moment. that large box truck barrelled down a crowded sidewalk. behind the wheel, a man intent e as he could. of course, that truck mowed down many people on that street. you can see the truck after it
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was stopped there on the left. they were celebrating bastille day, marking france's independence day. with bodies left on the street at this hour where they fell. now, reports on circulating that an id card was found after officials shot the driver. they say it is a french citizen that came from tunisia, and kitty logan is it live in the london bureau. >> reporter: we are learning some details about the attacker. he hasn't been named. they say he was a 31-year-old
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man. he did have eye criminal record for violence, he was not on any terror watch list. he fired a weapon into the crowd as he drove. police did eventually shoot and kill him. you see the bullet holes visible in that truck. weapons were discovered inside that vehicle. horrific eyewitness reports xwlg out, how he drove that heavy truck toward people, celebrating bastille day. eyewitness reports than he drove at speed. an attempt to kill as many people as possible. we now know that 84 people have died in that attack. two of them are believed to be american citizens.
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we understand that there are children amongst the casualties. >> a photo of a dog, next to a body, heart-breaking, showing the carnage and toll this has taken. what more what do we know? >> reporter: it was an intentional terrorist attack. so far, there have been no claim of responsibility. security analysts are saying that isis has been calling for this attack to be called out somewhere and at some time. the obvious question, why intelligence weren't able to prevent it. if the attacker went under the radar, there were police present at the bastille day
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celebrations, they weren't able to stop the truck until it was too late. the french president extending the state of emergency, it will extended. >> one of the victims is an 11-year-old boy from texas, visiting with his father. now to amy kellogg, live from the scene at nis. any updates? >> well, it is a very heart-breaking scene. i managed to get down to the promm pr
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promondad. it is such a shock. and i spoke to guests, who took shelter in another hotel. tourists on the verge of tears, a middle aged man said it was the most beautiful night. in fact, there was a military parade and police walking down the promonade. there was music, fireworks, and then the horrific attack, with the big truck that mowed down so many, 84 we know now died. this was something so unexpected. we haven't seen this sort of attack. you can only imagine what was going through their minds. where their gunmen around.
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was there more than one person intending to inflict harm. people were frightened enough to have experienced what happened. the anxiety of what might have followed. and the fear of hiding in basements, hotels, and stairs, a beautiful place, want a place that you think would be the scene of carnage. it is a holiday place. a beautiful part of the world on the mediterranean sea. and it is doing its best to get back to life. there are cars on the street. people on their scooters, people in the cafes having breakfast. people with suitcases, you want to get out after being here for such a horrific thing. >> that leads me to my next comment. the sadness, i can only imagine, the confusion, and walking around as you mentioned, dazed
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this morning. how to gentleman on about feeling safe there this morning. >> reporter: i think there is a heavy police presence, certainly, there it was last night. what a lot of people said to me on the beach, how did the truck get through the road, for the parade and the fireworks, and concerts what not last night. pea are speculating there was confusion, that maybe the truck had something to do with the fireworks display. find that hard to believe. that is something that people are asking themselves. of course, if he was as we know now, armed going at speed, it will be possible to blow three barriers, people don't understand, that police presence last night, and the state of emergency in france, and the country on high alert, how it could have happened.
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possibly, paris has been a target for terrorist attacks, in the last year, nearly 150 people, before today had been killed in terrorist attacks, the well-documented ones that we have covered and people heard about. paris is in a way, this was clearly a soft target for this individual to strike. >> we will check back with you throughout the morning. amy referenced a question that you would think police would have had barricades, like concrete blocks to stop a vehicle from intentionally plowing into a crowd. tens of thousands watching the fireworks right on the mediterranean. american cities are equipped to keep us safe. former special investigator. we don't know exactly what precautions, if any, the police
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took to block a vehicle from coming into the crowd. amy referred to that what type of preventable planning could have been to try to prevent this? >> my heart goes out to the victims and their families. a horrendous tragedy. even in new york, look at the macy's parade, a major, major event. all the police departments do, is use wooden barriers, for years, you can't move concrete blocks around like that n and out quickly. things have to be broken down quickly. it is really, really difficult. my concern earlier is how many americans or how many other tourists could have been in the areas. to the cruise lines, there were seven ships in port, four
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supposed to arrive now as we are speaking. i don't know if they are repositioned to other ports, that is what is going on. i have been there, i stayed at that hotel last summer, it is a beautiful area, if you have ever been there. the question s can it happen here? after orlando, and last weekend, everything else, i have not seen the terror threat elevated in this country like years ago. is congress going to ask us to ban trucks as well as guns? nchlthsds we take more protection. they pull sanitation trucks, we go to a street fair, a local officer, and cones and a wooden horse. that is not going to stop anything. >> it is for rejit mate traffic control. you can't stop anybody.
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>> change the way we proprietary in america? if you have a street fair, some big gathering at the mall, get the concrete blocks, and the garbage trucks to block egress from terrorists from mowing people down? >> it the best defense is a good offense. up our intelligence game and we are -- nobody is leading. i listen to hillary clinton this evening, i was shocked that she called bill o'reilly, she did. she said that when she was secretary of state, she instituted a group to fight terrorism. well, how is that working out, madame secretary? >> she didn't use islamic terrorism. she didn't use the word islamic. i played it over three times to make sure.
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>> you think there is more recognition of this than the president, who she used to work for? >> we have to wake up. there is no recognition. they have declared war on us, we have not declared war on them yet. france's president asked to envoke the nato charter, he revoked his asking for it. maybe it has to be revoked again. >> you have turkey in there, that is one of the issues we are hearing tonight. >> isis headquarters is miles from there, we are sending out aircraft, coming back with bombs on board, we are fighting a politically correct war. >> that it would play into isis's hands. trying to divide the muslim
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world. >> to say that we can't bomb them, because we are concerned, when we were going to bomb the oil trucks, we were worried about the drivers of the truck was civilians. that is no different than a getaway truck in a robbery. just as guilty as those selling the oil. >> what we are doing now, isn't working. >> it is heart wrenching, everybody wants to live in peace. the book i wrote "the conversion policy." it is frightening, some of the things that i wrote in the book are coming true. >> we have to go. >> my heart goes out to everybody. >> as do ours. >> we know that t eric, thank you. >> american victims, not confirmed, that is the news that will be coming over as people are identified. >> have a good evening.
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new reports surfacing that donald trump has selected indiana governor mike pence, he was going to announce, but cancelled that in wake of the attack in france. he still hasn't made up his mind. >> here we go again. there is no respect for law and order, no respect for anything or anybody. this has to be dealt with harshly. when i come out with my nonpolitically correct statement that is a lot of people love, some people think are so terrible, you have attacks like this. let's see what happens with this one. it is early to tell. i think perhaps you are not wronlg the way the started this question. we have to get awfully tough, and very, very smart and vigilant. if we don't, we won't have a
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society, we won't have a world anymore. >> it is so early in the investigation, all the haulmark of terrorism. we saw that last november 13th. we all jump to conclusions, assuming this is terrorism, you were president of the united states, what would you do right now? >> i would make it hard for them to come into our country, we -- hillary clinton wants to allow 550 more than obama, and we have no idea who they are, from syria, many times they don't have documentation, i would not allow people to come in from terr terrorist nations. our country has trmp problems,
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we don't need more problems, right now, more investigations of this kind than we have had in the history of our country. we are going to allow thousands and tens of thousands of people coming in. you see a situation like in nice, france. that isaise horrible thing. i am talking about our country, i am almost talking about the world. look whag is going on in france and other countries, it is bedlum. >> we don't know, this is an on-going investigation. we have the situation in orlando. that was homegrown terrorism. they are not just people trying to come into the country. we don't know if it is someone that is a french citizen, is there something that the president should be doing? should we be calling the new prime min stir may?
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we do see a lot of attacks in this world? >> second generation turns out to be very bad for whatever reason. second generation. who knows the new one in france. maybe it is not, you problem have a good gut instinct. you look what happens, calling heads of countries, we have to tighten things up. look at san bernardino there, the way they came n she probably radicalized them. you look at paris, plir to this, 130 people dead, hundreds still in the hospital. what are we doing? trying to be nice, civil. we are so weak, the world has 20 strengthen up. this isn't 40 years ago, this is a different world. trying to be so politically
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correct and making big mistakes. >> you denied you made a decision, governor mike pence, is reporting they think is your presidential nominee. he said calls to ban muslims from the united states are offensive and inconstitutional. how would you reconcile that? >> i am not going to agree with anybody. many people would like this position. the polls are strong, and stronger and stronger every day. a lot of people want this position. a lot of people want this position. there is nobody that agrees with me fully on anything. there will always be someone who disashs gras on emp a muslim ban, or something. i haven't made my final
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decision. i have three people who are fantastic. i think newt is a fantastic person, i think chris christy is a fantastic person, a friend of mine for 15 years, and mike has done a great job in indiana. a fantastic job. i haven't made the final, final decision. >> let me go back tosh nice, and terrorism. what do you think that president obama will do tonight about this? and contrast is. >> it is radical, fist it is. it may not be. i am in -- you are in the same position i am. i don't think they come out of sweden. if it is radical islamic terrorism, it is about to time
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to say so. you won't solve the problem until you define it people would sigh with relief, if he would say it. it doesn't want to say it. let's see who did it, what it is all about. if it is again, like an orlando, like in san bernardino. like in paris, and the world trade center. if it is radical islamic terrorism. we are taking people into our country, we don't know who they are. we can't let people from terr terroristings. >> someone said that trump is the law and order candidate.
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i am the great trade candidate, i am indeed the law and order candidate. hillary created isis, with her stupid policies. if this turns out to be another attack from radical islam. we will have to take our president, who will have to finally admit and do something about it. more blood shed. >> a former navy seal weighing in when we come back.
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france extended the state of mother-in-law for three months, 10,000 soldiers are on reserve, and all of this in the wake of a horrific terror attack. chris, thank you for joining us. >> your thoughts all of this unfolding this evening. >> well, it is extremely disgusting to see, some of the latest video coming out. where you are seeing bodies, many of them children. it is disturbing, people need to understand is the individuals that have done this the individuals causing these events to happen, have complete lack of
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regard for human life in any way, shape or form. at go level, at any age. people need to understand, we are in a world war with fundamental islam. the sooner we admit that, we can address what is happening globally. >> how do we prevent this from popping up in places like this. they have been in a state of emergency, 10,000 soldiers protecting the streets, so many things to try to protect their people, yet this still happens. >> it is a slippery slope. by and large, we have always had a reactionary response to tororrism. we are taking the page out of the brits, the israelis are
11:27 pm
effective, the israeli model is the model. they do behaviorioral profiling. we learned in iraq and afghanistan, we were engaging chechens, blond-haired, blue eyed radical islamic terrorists. the israelis wrote the book. this is classic overwatch. they must have had an organized attack, where people were watching the street. the truck went down at exactly the time when they were, it tells me there was a correspondented attack, there were probably with people on roof tops with cell phones, relaying when is the perfect time to do this. we have to shut down isis,
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instagram page, the gamut of social media, and prosecute thoids who let this prop gate. as the news, starting to collapse around syrian. this is just the start, believe me. we need too unvetted individual says into the country. until we can vet them, we have to stop it completely. >> thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> he referred to israel, i was there the other week, they had eight security checks before you got to the airplane. here in our country, we had two.
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again, we are shocked and horrified by what is another terrorist attack. >> when we come back, president obama and others react to the massacre in nice.
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president obama addresses the nation, kelly, what can you
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tell us. >> reaction to the attack in nice has been swift. lawmakers have know been condemning the attack, and agrees that america stands with france. regarding the tragic loss of life, president obama in a statement, said, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with the families, and other loved ones of those killed. we stand in solidarity with france, our oldest ally. speak of the house, paul ryan saying, we must stand strong with our dear friend and ally, france. tens of thousands had gather ed on bastille day. house democrats, calling for gun control, paused for a moment of
11:33 pm
silence for those who died in france. jim cliburn saying it brings great sorrow to all of us. >> both candidates are reacting, hillary clinton said, the u.s. needs to stand strongly with france, including with nato, to ferret out terrorism and donald trump. i post-poned tomorrow's news conference concerning my vice presidential announcement. and mitch mcconnell said, what will not change, america stands with the people of france, as they grieve for the tragic loss of life. we stand with them in recovery. the u.s. government is offering assistance, homeland security jay johnson, is receiving regular briefings on the attack.
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>> what more can we learn about this terrorist, and how he pulled it off. bobby, thank you for joining us. what we know now, a 31-y50er8d man, french citizen, lived in nice, known to police for petty crimes, not for terrorism. what could this potentially tell you? >> i think what they are going to find out is that he is either alone actor, or an actor with a very small group around him. i think he, probably some level of self radicalization going on, or a small job. what we are mostly interested in, did he have a mosque that he went to, a group of friends, did people know him as a radical? those are the things we will
11:35 pm
find out in the early hours of the investigation. >> how do they do this? they found out if he could be part of a cell, as the previous guest says, coordinating with people on cell phones, asking when is the optimal time to get on that promenade and do this horrible carnage. >> you go to the family, the workplace. he will have a lot of contacts, those shouldn't be hard to gemerate leads from. a picture of this guy, will come into focus quickly. in the first day, first couple of days, we will know more about him. who he was, and that will lead to who he was associated with. what kind of activity he was involved in. >> are you seeing, as an
11:36 pm
investigator, a pattern here. brothers involved in petty type crimes, maybe not complete radical indoctrinated in the beginning, there seems to be something spawned in the jails when it comes to this? >> well, i thinks that those type of people that are without opportunity, without the means to separate to leverage their skill sets, i think that the ang prisons are successful for that reason. these guys their life of crime,
11:37 pm
or gain bigger notoriety. >> we have seen this in the past. from los angeles, we thank you for joining us on the fox news channel. >> tragedy hit france again, the death toll rising to 84 people. >> the former police chief of the boston police department, on how to keep us safe.
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>> it began as a day of joyful celebration, and ended in unspeakable horror. terrorists strike without
11:42 pm
warning with tragic consequences. on the phone we have chief davis, no stronger to terrorism. he lead the investigation into the boston bombing that killed three in 2013. >> how can this have happened? this is a big event, you handled many large events, how does the truck get to that location and to do that man did? >> it is a terrible video, it is reminisce senlt of 2013 in boston. a much larger scale. we have been working with sports ven views, to stop this from happening. it happened in other parts of the world, there has to be steps
11:43 pm
taken to block off the street the beginning and the beginning of the route. it is difficult in cloud venus, along the beach. to shut a very complex process. not covered properly here. >> as you are say, you can't block off all the areas, what more can be done? >> clearly, we have to be aware of our intelligence to prevent things like this happen. why are just putting a band aid on a huge problem.
11:44 pm
we have known about it since 1998. when bin laden issued his declaration from war, children are dying now, it has to stop. >> we are going to continue to have celebrations like this. how do we protect ourselves in the meantime? >> take common sense measures, covered as many avenues where you will never make someone 100% secure. they take the initiative.
11:45 pm
and we are closing gaps afterwards, which never works. >> what are some of the first steps you would like to see taken in the event of this now? >> clearly, this people will be thinking of doing it in other places. the dpmpt hs training is what we are training what to do if this is an act ive. this could be any coastal areas on the east coast or west coach. it could happen anybody with
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the driver said to be a 31-year-old french citizen, who lived in nice, but originally from tunisia. he is an expert on islamic
11:51 pm
terrorism. how can we stop this? >> we haven't changed our tacti tactics, it has been a decade since 9/11. the war on drugs, started it in the 1980s, same problem when you wage a war on terrorism. in order for us to find a new tactic. almost 9:00 in the morning in paris, they will have a special
11:52 pm
emergency meeting. he has been up all night. is it possible when you have the big government structure togs get in the mind of a young man who was intent of killing us. what we need to do is challenge their narrative on the internet. they put it out all the time. not challenged by us. >> you hit it on the head. it is like a disrupture. one person can cause mass carnage. look at them like they look at sexual predators on line. they try to recruit this person. we have to use the same tactic,
11:53 pm
building resiliency in our communiti communities. they have societyial issues we don't have in our country. how do you counter the seduction of isis, are you looking at it 2:00 in the morning. >> we need to give, for example, in the month of ramadan. a thousand people killed by them. when young recruits look at
11:54 pm
isis, they are looking at the violence. young people. a way for us to change the di -- they are in the west, not true muslims, that sort of thing. >> what you saw that isis kill ed one of the things whether it is on good le, we start showing
11:55 pm
the true face of isis. >> 20 seconds or so will we win? >> light always over shadows darkness, and isis is true darkness. >> it is chilling that it is striking almost in inpunity. we have to stop it. how do we do it? thank you so much for your insight and the work you do trying to deal with it. >> absolutely. >> 84 have been killed.
11:56 pm
we will bring you the latest on france throughout the night.
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it is a horrendously sad and sorrowful day in east france. it has happened again as we were reporting. you know last november, 130 people were killed in paris, and now in the luxurious city of nice, they have not been spared. this is the fox news continuing coverage of the attack in nice. >> a truck ramming through a crowd of people, killing at least 84 and injuring at least a dozen more. now a u.s. intelligence official tells fox news that two americans, a father and son,


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